Ayurvedic retreats

The Ayurvedic retreat is an exceptional moment, far away from the hustle of daily life; it is truly an appointment with oneself. It is a moment where one finds the knowhow of well being, often forgotten despite its simplicity and discovers the joy and serenity which we lack so much.

It is a complete set of treatments and massages,
given in the most authentic Indian tradition, a true ... "ART OF LIVING"!

Enjoy the senses of life!

Indian traditional science of vital energy, Ayurveda, scientifically recognized in India for its effectiveness, integrates pure knowledge and applied sciences that improve the longevity and quality of life. The Ayurvedic retreat draws its inspiration straight from the profound sources of Ayurveda (5000 years old and more) and is certainly more than a simple wellness retreat.

An Ayurvedic retreat is more of a “science of living”, a deep resourcing, a complete submergence into the five elements which constitutes the universe and ourselves (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether), a discovery of our underlying nature and a better knowledge of ourselves.

During the retreat, you will feel like an Indian maharaja or maharani receiving oil massages, unction’s, sudations which favor the elimination of all that blocks the energy circulation in different nadis: a very special feeling of “returning into oneself”.

Select your retreat

It’s very simple! The Ayurvedic retreat cleanses the body of toxins that have accumulated over years, regardless of their origin. Each ayurvedic retreat allows the regeneration of cells, the strengthening of immunity, improves the blood and energy circulation. The different types of Ayurvedic retreat can be personalised. All our retreats follow the methods developed by Kiran Vyas and leading Ayurvedic doctors. They are adapted to the rhythm of life in the West while respecting traditional methods.

Ojas means light. Ojas literally means “that increases the light of the body, its immunity”.

This is the classical retreat of well being. Do not worry about anything, except to relax more and more deeply and to clear your mind! This is the basic condition for your “re-birth”.
Our treatments evolve each day, according to the principles of Ayurveda, for a greater efficiency: shirodhara (pouring of warm oil on the forehead), pichauli (body massage with warm oil), shashtishalipindsweda (massage with ayurvedic herbs and rice), massage of 7 postures, Kansu ® (feet massage with a bowl), sudation, etc.


This retreat includes traditional treatments that slims and redefines your silhouette. Derived from the Ayurvedic tradition, these treatments consist of udvartana (massage with herbal paste), shitavastra (wet cloth body wrap), shashtishalipindasweda, pichauli, 7 postures massage, Kansu®, sudation etc. Along with this retreat, you will follow an appropriate diet and drink herbal teas according to the principles of Ayurveda.


Rasayana means rejuvenation, kalp means transformation.
This is the retreat for maharajas and maharanis, a retreat of rejuvenation, a genuine experience of a bath of youth.
This retreat includes various treatments such as shirodhara with Ayurvedic oils, Pizzichili (royal treatment of the entire body with 5 liters of special Ayurvedic oils), Shashtishalipindsweda, Kesardudh (nourishing massage with milk with saffron), Kansu ®, sudation.
It is advised that you first experience Ojaskar retreat before Kayakalpa.

The different options of Ayurvedic retreats

Learn and practice daily care to boost your immunity with Ayurveda.

These treatments will mainly work on the ENT sphere to eliminate all kinds of viruses and bacteria and prevent them from entering our body.

Juices and herbal teas will be proposed along with this option.

Literally, pancha means five and karma means action, so these are the five actions of purification.

It is practiced in three phases:
1) purva karma
Panchakarma practice begins with the preparatory part, i.e. oleation and sweating.
The purpose of oleation is to dissolve the toxins and bring them back to the digestive tract, from where they can be completely eliminated. Oleation thus has the ability to penetrate to the roots of problems, even if they are long-standing or chronic, and to bring the accumulated toxins to the point of elimination.
External oleation is given through massages like Abhyanga etc.
Sweating is a natural method of allowing the body to eliminate toxins.

2) pradhana karma
These are the five actions of internal purification of the body, a bit like taking your car to the garage for a complete oil change and starting again as new!

3) paschata karma
This is the part of the treatment that must be done after the main treatments. It involves following a number of dietary guidelines and doing some physical exercises.

The main action of panchakarma is to balance the doshas by strengthening the dhatus (tissues) and allowing a good elimination of all malas (toxins).

It is also used in Ayurveda in preparation for surgery or before any operation or change of life.

It requires an Ayurvedic interview (by telephone) before the beginning of the cure as well as an adapted food diet.

The Panchakarma is reserved for people who have already completed a cure or who have followed yoga courses with the practice of kriyas.

Accommodation at TAPOVAN is compulsory.

Shirodhara is the application of a steady stream of oil to the forehead.
It is an excellent treatment for calming and soothing the mind.
The weight of the liquid, applied regularly during the treatment, influences the cranial breathing. It brings a deep relaxation of the mind.

It is recommended for chronic problems such as headaches, insomnia, dizziness, and of course stress, and also helps to let go.

As a single Shirodhara has no effect as such (except for a discovery), the great vaidyas and professors of Ayurveda universities of India have advised us to do it in series of 3, following the principle: “the first one to cleanse, the second one to heal and the third one to stabilize”.

In order not to add to the price of the retreat, it is offered as an option to those who wish to experience this deep inner calm.

It is strongly recommended for people under stress.

Date and prices

Ojaskar, the wellbeing retreat

  • Arrival : sunday between 2pm and 4pm. Activities will start from 4pm. 
  • Departure : saturday morning after breakfast at 8:30am. 
  • It is highly recommended to stay for a minimum of 5 nights on site to feel the effects of the retreat and improve immunity.
  • Ayurvedic & vegetarian meals : 330 € (meal package)
  • Accommodation rates : see below
2022Ojaskar retreatAyurvedic retreat
March27 to 2 April6 to 12 March
13 to 19 March
April10 to 16 April
24 to 20 April
May8 to 14 May
15 to 21 May
29 May to 4 June
June5 to 11 June
12 to 18 June
26 June to 2 July
July10 to 16 July
24 to 30 July
3 to 9 July
August31 july to 6 August
7 to 13 August
21 to 27 August
28 August to 3 September
September4 to 10 September
October9 to 15 October
16 to 22 October
23 to 19 October
November13 to 19 November6 to 12 November
Price of the retreatOff season: 860€
Peak season: 960 €
27/3 to 2/4
24/4 to 30/4
10/7 to 13/8
23/10 to 29/10
13 to 19/11
795 €
Type of retreat2020 datesPrice
slimming retreat
15 to 20 March | 5 to 10 April
14 to 19 June | 19 to 24 July I
16 to 21 August | 25 to 30 Oct.
1 240 €
royal retreat
20 to 24 April
23 to 28 August
18 to 23 October
1 490 €
yoga & energy
24 to 29 May
2 to 7 August
1 210 €
and rejuvenation
Sat 11 to Fri 17 April
Sat 30 May to 5 June
1110 €
interior ressourcing
24 April to 1st May I
29 November to 4 December
530 €
Personalised retreat
21 to 26 June
20 to 25 September
1 250 €
New Year's retreat
26 Decembre 2019 to 1st Jan 2020
26 Decembre 2020 to 1st Jan 2021
1 160 €

Specific retreats

  • Arrival : sunday between 2pm and 4pm (activities starting from 4pm).
  • Departure : saturday morning after breakfast at 8:30am
  • Ayurvedic & vegetarian meal package : 360 €                          The cost of specialised retreats include juices and Ayurvedic beverages along with special preparations and supplements.
  • Accomodation rates : see below


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