Ayurvedic mini-retreats

«To prevent the accumulation of tensions and toxins, to extend the effects of Ayurvedic treatments, to prepare oneself physically and psychologically for a special event».

Discover our Ayurvedic mini-retreats

Various types of retreats are proposed for your wellbeing

These mini-retreats are the opportunity to make the most of grand massages; to appreciate the benefits of several consecutive treatments alternated with periods of rest and relaxation. They include 4 to 5 ayurvedic treatments, one grand massage and a feet massage Kansu ®. 

A mini retreat is a wonderful 3 to 3:30 hours of bliss.


Types of mini-retreats






Inner Peace

Mini-retreats dates

• Winter 9 February 2020

• Spring 17 May 2020

• Summer 26 and 28 June 2020

Mini-retreats  from mid-march to mid-November
Rasayana or Prana : 230 € – Shanti : 240 €

Wellness weekends : resource and regenerate yourself for an extended weekend!

Easter : 11, 12, 13 April 2020

Pentecost : 30, 31 May and 1st June 2020

Wellness and relaxation break:

  • 2 mini-retreats with yoga classes
  • seaside hiking
  • cooking and dietetics class
  • the possibility to have an Ayurvedic consultation

Saturday 2pm to Mondy 11am 

390 € (retreat and meals)

A privileged break to recharge yourself and receive one or several massages at your convenience

Every weekend from mid-April to mid- October
Saturday afternoon ou Sunday morning (mini-retreat: 230 €) or a la carte massages

One night (standard: 90€, suite 120€) for 1 or 2 persons

Meal for 1 person (lunch or dinner): 25€ (breakfast): 9€

Complementary massages

Discover an activity during your weekend: yoga, yoga of eyes, meditation, chanting or learning how to do a Kansu massage (complementary and depends on availability)


Come awaken your energy before the arrival of summer 

18 and 19 April or 6 and 7 June (Sat.1 p.m. to Sun. 1 p.m.)

For renewed vitality: with 2 vitality mini-retreats with energy yoga class

Recommended straight after a DETOX retreat

350 € (retreat and meals) 

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  2. Attach your payment and send everything on the address mentioned in the order form.
  3. As soon as your form is received, you will receive your gift voucher (s) within 48h business hours.
  4. The person, whose name is on the gift voucher, can call us to book an appointment in the center of his/her choice.

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